Hamsa Inc.

Helping a seed level startup develop its Product vision.

$3,120,023,972 USD assets tokenized
$17.2M VC Series A funding in December 2022
5.7M Seed funding July 2020

When serially successful CEO Adam Zbar called me  to see if I was interested in helping him get a new company off the ground. It was early Covid days, and the future looked bleak.

What followed was an intense series of shifts and pivots that followed a tumultuous time in finance. Watching Adam Ju-Jitsu his way through it to emerge with an A round of funding was awe-inspiring.

The initial offering was to be as a payment solution for medium to large size businesses doing business between the US, Europe and China.

  • Helped create a brand strategy and established visual identity including logo, fonts, colors, and design system
  • Conducted international generative product research across multiple languages: identified patterns of behavior and opportunities, created target personas
  • Turned these findings into a payment system product UX
  • Pivoted to a blockchain tokenization product UX
  • Along the way, countless projects, product pitches, prototypes, trade show graphics, investment presentations…

Organized and translated across continents and languages, the data organized remotely.

HamsaPay, a BtoB payment service connecting wholesalers in China with retailers in the US and Europe.The
first of many products in this fast moving startup

Asset Tokenization DeFi Market in Brazil
At the forefront of the movement to tokenization in Finance

DeFi Market Lender dashboard

Next Project

Evolving a language learning app by bringing a deeper expression of its own method to the user experience.