Sun Basket Mobile Marketplace

Taking a subscription meal kit service, and bolting on an additional set of 150 additional products in 6 weeks.

+$125K/Week  in additional Gross Revenue ($6.5M annually)
>10% of orders  contained at least one Marketplace item.
6 weeks   from Design concept to beta testing
Dec 19, 2021, SunBasket was acquired by Prüvit for $1.3B

A Strategic Business Transformation

I was approached with the concept of new Marketplace offering, which was to mark a fundamental shift in Sun Basket's business model. By expanding beyond traditional meal kit offerings to a more comprehensive retail experience, this project was to reposition Sun Basket as a versatile solution for a broader range of customer needs. This strategic diversification played a crucial role in enhancing the company's market value and appeal, contributing significantly to its acquisition by Prüvit for $1.3 billion in 2021.

Project Overview

  • Accelerated Development:
    Successfully launched a major expansion of Sun Basket’s service by adding 150 products to the mobile marketplace within an impressive 6-week period.
  • Strategic Contribution:
    Played a pivotal role in Sun Basket’s acquisition by Prüvit for $1.3B and drove a $125K/week increase in gross revenue ($6.5M annually).
  • User Engagement:
    Achieved more than 10% of orders containing at least one Marketplace item, reflecting effective integration and user adoption.

Recipe edit flow

Rolf was brought in to create the Mobile Apps, and then quickly brought leadership and direction to design throughout everything Sun Basket; the entire User Experience, Packaging, Marketing, the Recipe Books. … I learned a tremendous amount about design and thoughtfulness from Rolf. I feel so lucky to have worked with him for three years and cannot recommend him strongly enough!

tyler macniven
HamsaPay - Co-founder & APAC CEO
Apple, Amex & Visa

Design Leadership and Impact

  • User-Centric Approach:
    Led user research and identified opportunities to expand beyond dinner solutions, enhancing overall customer experience.
  • Visual Brand Transformation:
    Orchestrated a complete redesign of Sun Basket’s visual identity, including a new typeface and color scheme, coinciding with the Marketplace launch.
  • Subscription Model Innovation:
     Introduced a groundbreaking shift in the subscription model, facilitating a minimum box value and a la carte ordering options.
  • UX Design Enhancement:
    Implemented significant UX changes in the mobile app to support the marketplace feature, including a virtual supermarket aisle experience.


  • Positive Economic Impact
    Directly influenced an increase in average order value by $2.50 weekly, contributing significantly to Sun Basket’s annual revenue
  • User Adoption and Retention
    Demonstrated high user engagement, with 43% of active users ordering add-ons and a 55% repurchase rate.
  • User Engagement:
    Achieved more than 10% of orders containing at least one Marketplace item, reflecting effective integration and user adoption.

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